I have submitted by 10 articles to ezine articles and now I have to wait until my account gets upgraded, which could take up to two weeks after the last article is reviewed. It’s taking forever. It takes almost three weeks right now to get an article reviewed and it seems to get slower and slower… Maybe by the end of the year, I’ll be upgraded and then the reviews are supposed to take less time.

I like ezine articles because of the features. I can see how many page views I’ve had. They bring traffic to my writing. I am not the main force driving traffic, though if people like what I write I might be. I can send people to direct links but it’s not required. I feel that Associated Content is getting cheap content from me in order to drive more traffic to their site. They also expect me to drive traffic to their site and I’m not planning on doing that. I have sites that I want to drive traffic to.

Squidoo, I can understand that I need to drive traffic. It’s like a big affiliate marketing group there and you need people to go to your particular site. That’s always important.

There are other good article submission places but they don’t give me the feedback that ezine articles does. This is definitely my favorite for the moment.