I’m really working on getting my Siamese cat site up and running better.  I’ve been trying to find places to post as Cheysuli, my cat who is the personna in the that I write as on My Siamese.  I blog almost every day. I’m working on getting more comments by creating a comment Friday.  On Satudays I do a Satuday Guest Star for whomever has the most intriguing comment for me.

I kind of like doing this.  However, I’m not sure what gets lots of visitors. There are other blogs about cats that have way more visitors and less content.  Many of them have the cat English and I find that difficult to read. In fact, there are a couple of blogs that I really liked when they wrote in English but now they’ve made it cat and I hardly go there because it’s too hard to read.  Oh well.

<> Chey continues to write in the best English she and I can come up with for her blog on My Siamese.