Wed Cents

I am trying a new website called Wed Cents. It’s basically a site about sensible wedding tips.  I figure this is a short sweet write and then I can leave it. I can get some adsense revenue as people search.  There are lots of ideas and maybe I can eventually sell ads. The wedding industry and saving money industries tend to be hot searches. As I planned my own wedding, there were few really good places to look for practical ways to save money. Many required too much work or didn’t offer the sort of wedding I wanted.  I found a few really good ideas but mostly they were in books.  I hope that this site works!


My Cafe Press Store

I’m thinking about changing things up a bit at the My Siamese cafepress store. I want to change up the photos and perhaps add some new taglines.

I’m thinking of getting a new camera too so perhaps I can get better photos. I still need to come up with a good photo quality picture for the bumper sticker. I think that could be a great thing for getting exposure to this site and making a little money on the side.

The My Siamese store is all about Siamese cats and in particular MY Siamese Cat!


Working on Blogs

I’m really working on getting my Siamese cat site up and running better.  I’ve been trying to find places to post as Cheysuli, my cat who is the personna in the that I write as on My Siamese.  I blog almost every day. I’m working on getting more comments by creating a comment Friday.  On Satudays I do a Satuday Guest Star for whomever has the most intriguing comment for me.

I kind of like doing this.  However, I’m not sure what gets lots of visitors. There are other blogs about cats that have way more visitors and less content.  Many of them have the cat English and I find that difficult to read. In fact, there are a couple of blogs that I really liked when they wrote in English but now they’ve made it cat and I hardly go there because it’s too hard to read.  Oh well.

<> Chey continues to write in the best English she and I can come up with for her blog on My Siamese.

Cat Litter Writing

I’ve been writing a lot about cat litter.   I have heard that link to specific pages actually help more than just to the main page so I have decided to work on writing about cat litter and seeing if I can get traffic to that one particular page.   After all, Siamese cats use a lot of cat litter–or not, depending upon the cat!

So if your Siamese cat needs to know more about cat litter, I have the main page. I’ll also be writing other pages and articles about Siamese cats and cat litter.  Look for my squidoo page coming soon as well.


I have a new idea for a site. I want to just do a quick site where I can get others to submit their information, I’ll publish it in a blog that’s updated daily and then just link an amazon store to the site and see how profitable that is.  All I have to do is retype the info and publicize it.  It should have a decent link ability.  No one else is doing it.  I can put it as an addon site with my other sites and get to work.

<> This will allow me to mess around with the whole  addon site thing and then  tell people about it when I’m ready.  I’ll need to get some extra photos and stuff.

I’ve also decided that ignored sites tend to be do the best!

Cat Writing

Currently I am finding that I am writing more and more about my cats. I have one more article to polish for ezine articles and it is a Siamese cat article. I think I need to write another page on My Siamese about related breeds.   That should be easy to do.  I find that this sort of stuff is pretty easy.

I went through a phase of feeling really good about writing on acupuncture but that’s cooled down. I think it’s a bigger area and I have more knowledge. I’m thinking about trying adsense or another pay per click to get more traffic to My Siamese but I’m not sure which page. I mean the front is great but it’s not my main selling point. I’m not sure what my main selling point is, though.  It’s something to think about.

That was Fast!

I just logged onto Ezine Articles and I’ve just received the upgraded approval. I am now at their maximum level and can submit as many articles as I want. One more of my articles has already been printed. It was a very timely article on things that stress a cat during the holidays.

I’ve had a lot of folks looking at how to market your acupuncture practice free. I think people know that’s a title that will draw others in. I’m glad about that. I’ve noticed that the people looking at quantum tend to be a bit more inclined to click on my affiliate links and such, although when I get clicks through My Siamese, they tend to buy. It’s interesting the two different demographics.

Waiting Game

I have submitted by 10 articles to ezine articles and now I have to wait until my account gets upgraded, which could take up to two weeks after the last article is reviewed. It’s taking forever. It takes almost three weeks right now to get an article reviewed and it seems to get slower and slower… Maybe by the end of the year, I’ll be upgraded and then the reviews are supposed to take less time.

I like ezine articles because of the features. I can see how many page views I’ve had. They bring traffic to my writing. I am not the main force driving traffic, though if people like what I write I might be. I can send people to direct links but it’s not required. I feel that Associated Content is getting cheap content from me in order to drive more traffic to their site. They also expect me to drive traffic to their site and I’m not planning on doing that. I have sites that I want to drive traffic to.

Squidoo, I can understand that I need to drive traffic. It’s like a big affiliate marketing group there and you need people to go to your particular site. That’s always important.

There are other good article submission places but they don’t give me the feedback that ezine articles does. This is definitely my favorite for the moment.

Hello world!

This is my first post and I’m still deciding what to do with this blog.   I write a lot. I want a place to keep track of my articles, how much money I’m making from my online activities and track traffic stats.

I don’t know that this will be interesting to anyone but me, but you’re welcome to visit if you happen to enjoy it.